Everbound - Brodi Ashton

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That was freaking awesome. Not only is the cover gorgeous but the actual book is amazing. Everneath was really good, but I think that Everbound was even better.

This is not a light read. Nikki isn't exactly Miss Sunshine in the beginning of the book. She hasn't been alright since the Tunnels came for Jack and that's completely understandable. Her guilt and emotions were expected. It isn't everyday the person you love gets taken to the Tunnels. Even though she's still upset about losing Jack she never gives up hope and that's probably what makes me really like Nikki as a main character. She doesn't just sit around and complain about how difficult her life is. She actually does something about it.

I'm so glad that most of the book took place in the Everneath because I'm pretty sure there was almost no time spent there in the last book. I loved how they had to get through a maze to get to Jack and how there was always this constant threat. It kept me glued to my seat so I ended up finishing this book in a day.

The love triangle in this book is one of the only love triangles that I actually like and I still don't know who I like better. I'm pretty sure I'm leaning towards Cole, but after that ending I'm not so sure anymore. I can't believe I'm still undecided about who I like more.

In this book Jack was barely there. There were flashbacks of him and Nikki, but the story was mostly about Cole and Nikki traveling through the Everneath. Nikki is oblivious about how Cole feels about her even though someone told her that Cole's tether always points to her. That made my heart break because Nikki only cares about him as a friend.

The ending made my heart pound and I'm pretty sure I must have looked like some crazy person after I finished because I couldn't stop waving my arms around as I tried to explain how I was feeling. The next book needs to come out soon because I need it now. I need to know how it all ends!