The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead

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3.5 stars

For some reason this book and I just didn't click. The first two books were enjoyable and I liked this one, but this definitely isn't one of my favorite series.

Most of the book was actually pretty boring. Sydney spends a lot of her time preparing to face Veronica (an evil witch that's sucking the magic and beauty out of girls). She also plans the St. Louis break in and finds Marcus. But I just wasn't glued to my seat like I was when I read Vampire Academy. It got better towards the end because most of the action in this book happened during the last one hundred pages.

The main problem I had with The Indigo Spell was Sydney. For most of the book I wanted to slap her for how she was treating Adrian and herself. She denies herself happiness because of Alchemist beliefs and it takes her almost the entire book to accept what she feels for Adrian. It was just so frustrating. Plus so many guys think she's gorgeous but she thinks she's just average and that she has no "womanly charm" (as Sydney put it). But by the end I liked her again because she finally took action and really grew as a character.

For the most part I'm pretty satisfied with Sydney and Adrian's relationship right now. There were many times when I was very close to wanting to strangle Sydney because it is obvious that she loves Adrian, but almost every single time she pushed him away when he kissed her and got mad at him. Honestly if it wasn't for Adrian then this book would have been a very average read.

As soon as Marcus came into the picture I was very worried that there would be a love triangle, but thankfully there wasn't. I'm actually not sure what I think of Marcus right now since he doesn't really do much. He just has plans, but he doesn't actually do anything about the Warrior and Alchemist problem.

The whole Warrior and Alchemist problem built up so much that I thought when they found the proof something much more dramatic would happen. So they found their proof. Now what? I really liked how there was much more magic in this book and how Sydney became more comfortable using it since she had to learn to defend herself from Veronica.

Overall I enjoyed this book, but it wasn't as amazing as I was expecting it to be after reading so many glowing reviews for it.