The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer  - Michelle Hodkin

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I should know by now that I should stay away from books that everyone seems to love. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer wasn't creepy or really special. I find it disappointing when I read reviews about how creepy a book is and then I read it and I'm not scared. I guess I'm one of those people that doesn't get scared by books. Scary movies on the other hand freak me out. I wish it was the other way around.

So we have Mara Dyer and I didn't actually hate her. I hated how she was obsessed with Noah. She made crappy decisions too. Other than that I didn't mind her. Which is kind of a first. Normally I don't like the main character if they obsess over a guy in book.

Now my real problem with the book was Noah. I don't even know where to begin. First of all he has a British accent. Now I love British accents but in books? Not so much. There's no real reason for him to have an accent because the book doesn't take place in England. It was just there to make him more attractive. Then there's also the fact that he's slept with basically everyone at the school and he's loaded. So we have a rich British boy that's slept with everyone. He also can do whatever he want because everyone just loves Noah. He also follows Mara into the ladies room because he wants to ask her to dinner. You hear that guys? If you haven't followed a girl into the ladies room to ask them to dinner then you're doing it wrong. Noah is also a complete jerk most of the time. I is that appealing?

Now as you've probably guessed Noah and Mara fall in love. Now I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it. Well actually I'm pretty sure that most of the time I didn't like their relationship. Mara spends most of her time trying not to hurt Noah and then at the end I could barely take her "I don't want to kill you so I can't be with you" talk with Noah. Oh but wait that's not even the best part. After that she wants to have sex with him even though she won't kiss him because she thinks that's safer.


Then there's also the ridiculous lines in this book. That make me want to laugh and bang my head against the wall at the same time. Here's some examples:
"What could I say? Noah, despite you being an asshole, or maybe because of it, I'd like to rip off your clothes and have your babies. Don't tell."
"Let me guess. A certain unkempt bastard with a panty-dropping smile?"
A guy said the last one. I don't even know what to think of that.

Now there were some things that I did like about this book. Mara's ability is awesome and pretty original. The best part of the book would have to be the ending. I didn't think I would want to read the next book but after that ending I think I might have to.