Unmade - Sarah Rees Brennan

I don't think I could have wished for a more perfect ending to this fantastic series.Unmade has all the humor and fun that the previous books have and the ending is very satisfying.

Like in the previous books, the characters are a major focus. The plot does have more precedence than in Untold, but it is clear that the characters are the most important and where Brennan's talent can shine the most. Every single character, major, minor, or villain is three dimensional. Even Rob shows some development though not nearly as much as everyone else. Holly has show some of the most character development throughout the series. She goes from completely rejecting Angela and the entire idea of being a lesbian, to being confused by her feelings for most of Untold, until she finally seems to accept her sexuality in this book.


The whole relationship with Kami and Jared is still being worked out for the majority of this book and that is understandable. It's obvious that they both love each other, but Kami's link with Ash makes everything awkward for them because he feels everything that Kami feels and always knows what's happening with her. So that makes their relationship practically impossible because it's like they can never be alone and since they both care about Ash, they respect that he probably doesn't want to be a part of their romantic relationship.


The main reason that this book didn't get five stars is because part of the ending seemed a little too convenient. I'll try to avoid spoiling to much, but I think I need to say that not that many major characters die, even though it's clear that their plan should have resulted in at least two more deaths than there actually were. It almost didn't feel right, even though I was happy that they survived.

I'm sad that this is the last book in this series because these characters have really grown on me, but at the same time the ending is tied up nicely and for the most part it ends on a happy note.