Pantomime - Laura Lam

My first thought after finishing Pantomime was that it couldn't be over. That ending left me wanting more. So many things happened in the last few pages that I need answers to.

First off the writing in this book was amazing during the circus parts. I could vividly imagine exactly what was going on. The circus was so magical and probably the best part about the book. I felt like I was in the audience watching the show. 

The main characters Micah and Gene were pretty interesting and I liked how it switched between Summer and Spring. There was also this twist at the beginning of the story that I did not see coming at all. I mean I knew that there was something going on but I never would have guessed what actually happened.

The world where this took place was a little strange to me and I'm still not entirely sure if this was taking place in the future or the past because at first it seemed like a historical fiction story but I don't really think it is. 

There's really nothing I can say about the romance that won't spoil the book entirely but I will say that for the most part I enjoyed the romance and that it really made me think.

I can't wait for the next installment.