Hooked - Liz Fichera

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This book was definitely not my type. It's not that it was completely horrible, but I don't seem to like books like this very often. Some people will love this book, but I just couldn't get into it.

For the most part the main character was alright, but her name was a bit annoying. Her Native American heritage and being really good at golf were basically the only things interesting about her. A few times she tried to make jokes but they just sounded forced. I didn't really feel anything for her even though I know that I should have felt sorry for her and proud that she could play golf better than the guys at her school.

I was not a fan of the other main character. He's the typical popular star athlete with the beautiful girlfriend. All Ryan does for a good part of the book is complain about how horrible his life is. He's friends with a guy that seems to always be angry and likes to hurt other people but of course Ryan doesn't realize this until more than halfway through the book. His angry friend, Seth put bricks in Fred's golf bag for one of the tournaments and Ryan knew about it but he didn't do anything about it until the last hole. He didn't even know Fred but he hated her just because she took Seth's spot on the golf team and she was the only girl on the golf team. How in the world did Fred fall in love with a guy like that?

It was very hard to tell when Ryan and Fred stopped hating each other. It just happened. I knew it was coming but I thought there would be a reason for the change. Ryan tried to be nicer to her after the incident with the bricks but that doesn't mean that should automatically fall in love. Ryan was still dating another girl when he asked Fred out. Even if his girlfriend was rude to Fred, he should have broken up with her before dating Fred.

Almost all the side characters had no depth to them. Especially Ryan's girlfriend Gwyneth. She was the typical bitchy girlfriend that is just there to be rude to the main character. Fred doesn't understand Gwyneth's problem with her and I don't either. Why would Gwyneth care if Seth was kicked off the golf team? Seth isn't her boyfriend. Is it because Fred is Native American? At least Seth has more of a reason to dislike Fred but that doesn't mean he should try to sabotage her chances at winning and threaten her. Ryan said that he didn't even like playing golf!

I'm sure than many other people will like this book but it just wasn't for me.