Deadly Little Lessons - Laurie Faria Stolarz

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I was originally planning on reading Pushing the Limits before reading this but I couldn't help it. I need to know how this series ended. I'll definitely be reading Pushing the Limits next (in fact I've already started it).

This series isn't as good as I remembered. I used to love these books. I think they have now turned into a guilty pleasure because while Deadly Little Lessons was not amazing I still liked it. Maybe I just have a soft spot for series I've been reading for over four years.

I expected this book to be so much creepier. I even read it at night to make everything seem more creepier. It didn't work. The entire book was so predictable too. I mean I figured out most of it within the first couple chapters. The hints were too obvious. It did have a little twist at the end but it didn't give me the feeling you have after a book completely surprises you. It isn't surprise but I'm not sure how to describe it.

Then there was the romance. I'll be honest and say that I never really liked the romance throughout the book. I hated Adam and most of the time I thought Ben was creepy. I preferred Ben to Adam only because I felt that I understood his character more and I hated the fact that the Adam came into the story because he wanted to hurt Ben. I think I just didn't want to deal with the drama because it was pretty obvious who Camelia was going to end up with.

The beginning of the book was so strange. It opened up with Camelia finding out that she's adopted. It got me interested at first but then it was just Camelia complaining about how her parents lied to her. After she decided to go to her art course it got more interesting. I also found it really strange how Sasha's mother seemed ok with Camelia's powers. It barely took any convincing for her to believe that Camelia wasn't completely crazy. I'm pretty sure that doesn't normally happen in real life but I could be wrong.

So despite all the problems I had with this book I really enjoyed it. It was a quick and easy read with an interesting story. I'm pretty satisfied with the ending. I think that only people who enjoyed the previous books would like this one.