The Darkest Minds - Alexandra Bracken

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I had very high hopes for this book after seeing all the glowing reviews for it. I honestly don't see why everyone seems to love it so much.

The beginning of the book was great. I liked being dropped right in the middle of action, but after she got away from the camp things started to slow down. The road trip to find East River was pretty boring even when they were getting hunted down by skip tracers. After I got through the middle of the book it started to pick up again. But then I got to the end and I wanted to throw the book across the room (but I didn't because that would hurt the book). Those three stars are for the end of the book. Now I need the next one because that ending left me wanting to strangle Ruby and I need to know how this is all going to get fixed.

I really couldn't stand Ruby. I couldn't take the "I can't tell them my secret because then they'll hate me" thoughts. I just wanted to slap Ruby and make her tell them because the constant thoughts about that were driving me insane.

There was also a love triangle. Now I didn't mind Liam. I actually liked him, but I couldn't stand Clancy. I knew from the moment that they met that he would make a love triangle. Clancy reminds me of Warner from Shatter Me because they are both psychopaths but the girls they like doesn't seem to think of them that way. I'll stop right there with the Shatter Me comparison otherwise this could turn into a rant.

I did like the idea of kids with superpowers. It was interesting but it was never explained where these powers came from. They just kind of appeared and no one seemed to question where they came from. The color classification was a bit confusing. I understand that Oranges are psychic, Blues have telekinesis, and Yellows have something to do with electricity but I'm not really sure. I have no idea about Green and I think Red has something to do with fire but I'm not sure.

Overall I liked this book mostly because of the ending and how intense it was.