Eve & Adam - Michael  Grant, Katherine Applegate

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This book was strange. I'm not entirely sure what I just read but I know it involved evil scientists. That summary is very misleading. I expected more of Eve building Adam and less of Aislin drama. There's also no mention of Solo in the summary so when part of the book was from his point of view I was confused.

The concept of Eve creating Adam was interesting but Adam had such a small role in this book that it turned out to be very boring. Eve spends more than half the book creating him. In the whole scheme of things he really wasn't important at all. I actually don't mind that he wasn't real for most of the book because once he became real I couldn't stand him. His thoughts were just so strange and he's too perfect. Adam is supposed to be drop dead gorgeous but he's only described as having blue eyes, dark hair, muscles. A character has too be more than just attractive for me to like him.Unfortunately Adam doesn't have much of a personality.

I wasn't a fan of Eve either. The book starts out with a car accident and Eve looses a leg. She's taken to a hospital and then she's taken to her mother's research facility. The doctors won't let her see underneath the bandages and she doesn't even question anything. Eve doesn't even seem that upset. She lost a freaking leg and she barely cares. What kind of person doesn't care that they lost a leg?

Then there's Solo. I immediately disliked him when he thinks about how hot Eve is while she's screaming in pain because she just lost a leg. What kind of person does that? How is screaming in pain because she just lost a leg attractive?

It's very obvious that Terra Spiker is supposed to be evil. According to Solo she's evil incarnate. I just found it kind of funny that she actually agrees that she's evil. It's like she's okay with having some teenager that she basically raised say that she's evil.

"I didn't know all that. I didn't know what they did, who they were. I thought...well, I thought you were just a ruthless, amoral, manipulative, cold bitch."
Mom nods. "Yes. All that's true."

There's really no evidence that Terra is actually evil except for the fact that she is constantly calling Eve's best friend a drunken slut. I didn't care about Aislin but it really bothered me how practically everyone called her a drunken slut. Including Adam. But a few pages later I think Adam and Aislin are together but I'm not really sure. It all happened so quickly.

The entire book felt like it happened way too fast. A few days passed very quickly but it didn't feel like it. Solo ends up trusting Eve after a few days and after talking to her only a handful of times. He questions something that he's been working on for a very long time because of her even though he just met her.

There's also this really creepy part when forty year old scientists are talking about how they would do Eve.

"She's not my girlfriend," I say. Which is a stupid and dorky thing to insist on.
"You haven't tapped that little piece yet? She's no great beauty, but she's cute enough, and she's got a nice little body."
"I'd do her," Dr. Chen says.

That's actually disgusting and very disturbing. I get that these are evil scientists but did they really have to go there? Couldn't they have just talked about their evil plants instead. Add this to the fact that they are telling Solo this and he doesn't comment on it.

I don't understand why Eve got to create Adam. Just because Terra thought she was bored? It just didn't make much sense to me. Actually this entire book didn't make much sense. Thankfully it was a very quick read.