Finale - Becca Fitzpatrick

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When I first saw this in the bookstore I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy it. It took a few trips to the bookstore before I convinced myself that buying Finale was worth it. Well I finally bought this book and I almost wish I hadn't. I had this feeling that I wouldn't like this series as much anymore. To put it simply, my tastes have changed.

In this book I did not like Nora at all. She made stupid decisions throughout the entire book. Her idiocy reached new highs. Nora keeps drinking this devilcraft even though she knows she shouldn't and she was offered an antidote. Then she's always complaining about how she has no idea what she wants to do and how she can't be with Patch and lead the Black Hand's army. I just wanted to yell at her to stop and actually try to come up with a plan.

Whenever Nora and Patch were together I knew that cheesy lines were coming. And the last line of the entire book had me slamming that book shut. The only character that I actually liked was barely in this book and then that character has to go and die!

There wasn't really any twists in this book either I totally knew what Vee was hiding as soon as she mentioned that she had a secret. Could it have been more obvious? The other "twist" wasn't very surprising either. I knew exactly what was going to happen as soon as this random lady started talking about Italians. That part really bothered me, but I don't think anyone wants to read that rant.

Then there's also Marcie. Now I don't know how I feel about this character, but what I don't understand is how she moved in with Nora. At the end Nora and Vee also mention that Marice passed away a few months ago and how only five people went to her funeral. I don't even remember why they both hated Marice so much. It was probably over something unimportant and childish. Dabria was also there and I actually have no idea why. Nora hates Dabria even though she's trying to help Nora, but Nora can't seem to let her grudge against Dabria die.

The book was pretty long and I was pretty bored throughout most of it. I don't even like Patch anymore. I remember when I first started reading this series I hated Scott (I don't even remember why) but now he's my favorite character

So I guess I would only recommend this to hardcore Hush, Hush fans. Anyone else probably wouldn't like this.